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What’s the price?

- We have different packages, have a look HERE


How do I prepare for the day?

- Make sure you bring a selection of different tops/jackets/shirts etc, to have more variety of shots.
- Try to look as good as you can, it will make your pictures stand out.
- Women will have to take care of make up and hair, these two are very important and mustn’t be overlooked.


How do I book a session?

- You can contact us either by email or by phone.
- Studio and Outdoors sessions available.
- You will receive a confirmation by email with all the details for the shoot.


Where is the studio?

- The studio is based in Kennington, 5 minutes walk from the station.

    18 Bowden street

    SE11 4DS



When will I get my images?

- On the same day you will receive a thumbnail album  with all the images from the session.
- Once you have chosen your favourite pictures the turnaround is 24 hours


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Central London.



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